The rise of the smartphone app has been big for the consumer world, and savvy seed producers are getting on the bandwagon, as well. There are more applications coming on stream from individual companies that will help you make your way through the forest of choices before you.

Just a decade ago, seed companies were excited when they were launching a dozen new seed choices; today that number has ballooned to the triple digits as plant breeders have fine-tuned their products to meet specific geographies.

Major seed companies are stepping up to bring this information to your smartphone. Here are a few apps to check out and try as seed-buying time arrives. Best way to search for these apps is to type their exact name into the search field either at the iTunes store or at Google Play (we’ll indicate if it’s on iTunes and/or at Google Play).

agSeedSelect — This Monsanto app allows you to select seed based on your location and specific farm needs. It takes some of the guesswork out of hybrid selection. The app is free (iTunes only). It also works as a straight Web page application on any computer or tablet.

AgriGold We Know Corn — This selection app from AgriGold allows you to choose hybrids based on your location and specific field conditions. The app is free (iTunes only).

Integra Positioning — This Wilbur-Ellis app walks you through the questions to ask when selecting seed. While the app is free, you’ll need an account with the company to make it work (iTunes and Google Play).

Latham Seed Guide — Latham Hi-Tech Seeds offers a guide for its products. The regional seed company provides a range of trait packages. The app is free (iTunes only).

Plant Wyffels — This independent seed company offers traits from a range of players, and this app allows you to match traits to your fields. The app is free (iTunes only).

Seed Guide — Great Lakes Hybrids offers an app that allows you to search by trait or maturity for your region. This app is free (iTunes only).