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Post-Directing Roundup Works
A study on Mississippi cotton farms indicated no yield reduction on Roundup Ready cotton if the Roundup Ultra label is
Pioneer Postspones Stacked Corn Hybrids
Pioneer Hi-Bred International has postponed sales of six corn hybrids that contain a combination of YieldGard and
Develop A Plan For IP Grain
Farmers who grow identity-preserved (IP) grains must be able to keep them separate and free from contamination by other
NK Products Are EU-Approved
All of Syngenta Seeds products, including its biotech corn hybrids, are approved for import by the European Union and
Roundup-Resistant Weeds Are Here
A population of waterhemp has been found to be resistant to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup
Book By Farm Bureau Covers Conservation Easements
The Landowner's Guide To Conservation Easements is a new book published by the American Farm Bureau Federation
Fungi Levels Build In Fields Treated With Roundup
University of Missouri scientists have linked glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide, to increases in
Power buys
GPS Guidance The "forward looking" feature on the Outback S GPS field guidance system corrects steering errors before
Sustainable What?
Webster gives a definition, "to endure without failing or yielding, to bear up under."Sustainable agriculture is a
Scientists Decode First Complete Plant Genome
USDA-ARS scientists recently announced the first complete sequencing of a plant genome.Arabidopsis, a flowering plant
Healthier Soybean Oil Variety To Be Developed
Funding to help accelerate the development of a soybean variety that will produce a healthier soybean oil has been
Nebraskans Okay Corn Funds
The Nebraska Corn Board recently approved more than $400,000 in checkoff funding for research aimed at finding new uses
Corn Protein Makes Low-Cost Wax Coating
USDA-ARS scientists have found an inexpensive way to use a corn protein called zein as a replacement for wax on
Nurse Trailer
A 1,600 gallon nurse trailer from Wylie Manufacturing, Petersburg, TX, features an elliptical polyethylene leg tank
Self-Propelled Sprayer
Built on a four-wheel independent-strut vehicle suspension system, the new John Deere 4710 sprayer features a 95-gallon

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