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Business Planning in Action: Meeting with your Lender
Many of you have heard me discuss the importance of business planning and submitting a business plan to your
The Real Unemployment Rate
You flip on the nightly news and the news anchor says the current unemployment rate is 9.7%. Is that the true rate?
Economic Concerns
Economic crises are popping up around the globe like out-of-control wildfires. The European sovereign debt crisis is
How interest rates impact producers
My last column discussed how to use key employment and inflation data to anticipate how the Federal Reserve may change
It’s Not About Interest Rates: Part 1
One of the most common questions asked in my travels and on the lecture circuit is the direction of interest rates.
Are We Out of the Economic Woods Yet? Part II
In my last article, a compelling bullish stance was taken on the economic outlook. The lead economic indicators are
Are We Out of the Economic Woods Yet?
A summary of the U.S economy would be that we are not out of the woods yet. Yes, there are very positive signs that the
Producer Scholar Conference Covers Trade Issues, Technology and Farm Structure
It was an honor to be the keynote speaker at the Nuffield Scholars Program in Washington, D.C. Positive-minded
The Three Bears of Land Values
Farmland is the largest asset on most producers’ balance sheets. In the early 1970s, land accounted for 75%; today it
Working Capital: The Financial Shock Absorber 1
As air travel is becoming less dependable and more inconvenient, the Road Warrior is in the process of reinventing the
Office Mate Provides Great Advice: Part 2
The last column’s discussion on business plans centered on Jerry Moss, my former office mate in graduate school at
Office Mate Provides Great Advice
One of the joys of being a Road Warrior is participating in many high-level meetings, like the 2010 Farm Futures
Financial Shock Absorbers: Part II
In the last column I discussed financial shock absorbers because of general uncertainty and volatility. This article
Financial Shock Absorbers: Part I
In today’s business climate, volatile and changing game conditions are the only certainty. One must consider financial
Should My Daughter Study Agriculture?
A baby boomer in one of my producer meetings south of the Twin Cities, MN, asked, “Should my daughter study

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