Jen Koukol

Digital Editor

Jen grew up in south-central Minnesota and graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato, with a degree in mass communications. She served as a communications specialist for the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association and Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council, and was a book editor before joining the Corn & Soybean Digest staff.

5 Agriculture stories to read, July 3, 2014 1

This installment of 5 Agriculture stories to read offers information on corn diseases, as well as white mold. Also read tips on replanting flooded land to keep soil in condition, and see photos to help diagnose nutrient deficiencies. Finally, as we celebrate Independence Day, enjoy the Dodge Ram Super Bowl commercial, "Farmer."

5 Agriculture stories to read, June 27, 2014 3

In this installment of 5 Agriculture stories to read, there are outlooks for soybean aphids and farm incomes. The USDA is offering funding for farmers who establish new bee habitats. Help bust GMO myths by sharing a gallery showing what is not, and what is, a GMO. And have a little fun learning what a farmer says with a YouTube video.

5 Agriculture stories to read, June 19, 2014 2

This installment of 5 Agriculture stories to read offers tips and considerations for flooded corn and soybeans, as well as tips for double-cropping soybeans after wheat. Also read about the first farm in Minnesota to receive a water quality certification, and download a mobile app to help when scouting weeds. Finally, warm your heart with a story of a bachelor farmer who found love, lost it, then donated his farm to 4-H.

June 16 Crop Progress: Corn emergence nearly complete, soybean emergence ahead of average; crop conditions holding steady 3

Corn and soybean emergence rates are both ahead of average, and closing in on the finish line. Crop conditions are holding steady on the positive end, and slightly increasing in the excellent category for both crops.

5 Agriculture stories to read, June 12, 2014 3

This installment of 5 Ag stories to read reminds growers to evaluate soybean emergence for uneven stands, and to lookout for "rootless" corn seedlings. There's also insight into revenue and returns on cash-rented land for 2014. To keep up with growing season weather, check out ag weather maps from USDA, and for a little fun, watch a parody by the Peterson Farm Bros.

June 9 Crop Progress: Corn crop emerged, condition holds strong; soybean crop emerging quickly, in good condition 2

The majority of the overall corn crop has emerged, and is slightly ahead of average pace. Corn in good condition dropped slightly, but gained in excellent condition. Soybean planting and emergence are ahead of average pace, and beans are in mostly good and excellent condition.

5 Agriculture stories to read, June 6, 2014 3

This installment of 5 ag stories to read offers tips on assessing early-planted corn hail damage. Consider global fertilizer outlook and Chinese purchase of soybeans, as well as pesticide use in U.S. agriculture for the past five decades. And, have a little fun with a new soybean meme!

Soybean, corn seedlings 2

These soybean and corn seedling photos were taken by CSD Digital Editor Jen Koukol in Nicollet County, Minn. The emerging soybeans were planted into a minimum-till field with corn residue.

June 3 Crop Progress: Majority of corn crop in good-excellent condition; half of soybean crop now emerged 1

Most of the overall corn crop has been planted, and emergence is on pace with the five-year average of 80%. In this first week of corn condition ratings, 76% of the overall crop is in good-excellent condition. Well ahead of the good-excellent condition rating of 63% at this time last year. The soybean crop is ahead of average planting pace for the second week in a row, and emergence rates are ahead of average, as well.

May 27 Crop Progress: Corn, soybean planting back on pace; corn, soybean emergence close to average 1

Farmers across the Corn Belt made strong progress in the fields in the past week, returning to normal corn planting pace and shifting ahead of the five-year average planting pace for soybeans. Warm weather helped corn and soybean crops emerge and push to near-average emergence pace.

5 Agriculture stories to read, May 27, 2014 1

This roundup of 5 agriculture stories you should read offers steps to decide if soybeans should be replanted, as well as some info on soybean injury from soil-applied herbicides, and corn-soybean price ratios. Also, see how one farmer makes aerial scouting affordable, and check out some jazz-loving cows.

May 18 Crop Progress: Corn crop one-third emerged; soybean emergence starting 1

The May 18 Crop Progress report from the USDA showed a slower planting pace over the past week, with corn planting progress dropping back behind the five-year average and soybeans lagging further behind. The good news is that both corn and soybeans are emerging in most states.

May 11 Crop Progress: Corn planting pace ahead of average, soybean planting nearing average pace 1

For the first time in a long time, corn planting pace has squeaked ahead of the five-year average pace, reaching nearly 60% planted as of May 11. Corn emergence picked up pace over the last week, too. Soybean planting pace is nearly average, making big progress in the last seven days.

5 Ag stories to read on May 9, 2014 2

Agriculture stories you should read today remind growers to check seedling stands and sprouting seeds for signs of disease. They also offer suggestions on soybean planting depth, and a look into research regarding benefits of GMO crops and research regarding climate change. Lastly, check out a new documentary, Farmland. You'll be glad you did.

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