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Jen grew up in south-central Minnesota and graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato, with a degree in mass communications. She served as a communications specialist for the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association and Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council, and was a book editor before joining the Corn & Soybean Digest staff.

5 keys to effective succession planning 1

Kevin Spafford, eLegacy Connect, outlines keys to effective farm succession planning, as well as tips for a succession plan and other ideas to use at family meetings when planning a successful farm transition.

Agriculture Secretary thanks farmers, outlines farm bill programs 2

Whether for helping get a farm bill passed, or feeding the world, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack offered much appreciation to the farmers across the U.S. at Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas.

Farm bill ready for House, Senate votes

The conference committee has finally submitted its negotiated farm bill! Now, the challenge is to get the House and the Senate to pass the bill, as well. The House is expected to vote on Wednesday, and the Senate as early as next week. Read the details on the Commodity, Crop Insurance and Conservation titles.

Oct. 28 Crop Progress: Corn harvest makes big progress; soybean harvest at average pace 1

Farmers made big progress in the last week harvesting the 2013 corn crop, closing in on the average pace. The crop also gained in the good/excellent condition ratings. Soybean farmers made good progress in the field, too, reaching the average harvest pace for this time of year.

Oct. 21 Crop Progress: Corn crop less than half harvested, soybean harvest closing in on average pace 1

It’s been a few weeks since the last USDA Crop Progress report, but despite the lack of reports, corn and soybean harvest has progressed and farmers have been busy in the field. The overall corn crop is nearly 40% harvested and 60% of the corn is in good/excellent condition. Sixty-three percent of the soybean crop has been harvested, and 57% of the crop is in good/excellent condition.

Sept. 30 Crop Progress: Corn maturity, soybean leaf drop catching up to average 1

The corn and soybean crops still in the field made some great progress maturing in the last week. Corn maturity overall progressed 23 points from last week, and soybean leaf drop progressed by 20 points in the last seven days.

Crop Progress: Corn harvest behind average; soybean harvest starting 1

At this point, 40% of the overall corn crop has reached maturity and nearly half of the soybean leaves have dropped. Corn condition ratings increased by 2 points overall in the good/excellent ranking, and soybean condition stayed the same as last week in the good/excellent ranks.

Sept. 16 Crop Progress: Corn harvest starting in most states, soybeans continue leaf drop

The corn and soybean crops continue to progress after the recent heat wave. Nearly one-quarter of the overall corn crop has reached maturity and corn harvest has started in many states. Just over one-quarter of the overall soybean crop is dropping leaves.

Sept. 9 Crop Progress: All states have mature corn, soybeans dropping leaves, conditions decrease

While the heat has continued to help crop maturity progress, along with lack of rain, it continues to have a negative effect on corn and soybean conditions.

Sept. 3 Crop Progress: Heat progresses corn, soybean maturity, worsens condition 1

The heat helped progress the corn crop in the last week. According to the most recent USDA Crop Progress report, many of the major corn-producing states are seeing corn reach maturity, and soybean pod set is nearing average rates. The condition of both crops worsened, however, in the last week.

Aug. 26 Crop Progress: Corn crop nearly one-quarter dented, soybean pod set catching up to average 79

The overall corn crop made good progress in the last week, reaching 23% overall dented, but still 22 points behind the five-year average. Corn condition lost 2 points in the excellent rating, and gained 1 in poor and 1 in fair condition. Soybean pod set gained 12 points in the last week, reaching 84%. The five-year average is 90% for this time of year. The overall soybean crop lost 4 points in the good/excellent category, picking up three in the very poor/poor condition.

Aug. 12 Crop Progress: Corn Doughing, Denting; Over Half of Soybean Crop Setting Pods 55

The majority of the overall U.S. corn crop has silks, while nearly one-third of the crop has hit dough stage. Nearly 60% of the overall crop has set pods.

July 29 Crop Progress: Corn Starting to Dough, Soybeans Setting Pods 11

Nearly three-quarters of the overall corn crop has started silking, and 8% of the overall crop has reached dough stage. Over half of the overall soybean crop is blooming, at 65%, 9 points behind the five-year average. Twenty percent of the overall crop is setting pods.

July 15 Crop Progress: Corn Silking, Soybeans Blooming, Crop Conditions Drop Slightly 9
Corn has started silking in every state. Sixteen percent of the overall crop has silks, well behind a five-year average of 35%. Last year at this time 67% of the corn crop was silking.
June 24 Crop Progress: Corn Crop Nearing Total Emergence, Soybean Crop Nearing Planting Completion 27

The overall corn crop 96% emerged, just 3 percentage points behind the 99% five-year average for this date. Eighty-one percent of the planted soybean crop has emerged overall, a few points behind the 89% five-year average. The overall corn and soybean crops are both in 65% good/excellent condition.

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