John Russnogle

Bulk on a Budget
Kirk Beekley wanted the advantages of bulk soybean seed, but not the cost of new paint. So, he built his own bulk seed
Banking On Community
Like a lot of bankers, it isn't unusual for John Dollinger to end the day with soil from a farm field on his dress
Spring Forward to Strip-Till
When Jeff Reints started strip-tilling nearly a decade ago, he used a homemade rig built with parts he already had. He
Determined to Farm
One of Brad Harman's neighbors farms 30,000 acres. Another in the area has 20,000 acres. But that hasn't discouraged
World's Largest Planter 1
Imagine you're planting down the middle of your local high school football field. With John Deere/Bauer Built's newest
Bulked Up For Speed
When Iowa farmer Keith Schwandt designed his new seed tender, he wanted the advantages of bulk seed and fast refills
Shop-Built for Strip-Till
No one can say Tim Renger played favorites when he built a 13-row strip-till machine with help from his father Walter.
The Earlier the Better
Bigger soybean yields start with penciling in an early planting date. Unlike corn, beans don't pay much attention to
Back to Brown Bag Beans
Roundup Ready soybeans still may be the easiest to grow, but not necessarily the most economical anymore, according to
Bidding Out the Profit
Scott Irwin's colleagues cringed when the University of Illinois ag economist stated, The real winners with today's
Talking Win-Win
In a volatile market, it's good to have experience on your side. So it's perfect timing for Nebraska's Bob Dickey to
Just the Facts
You always hate to let facts get in the way of a good argument, but when renting farmland, hard numbers help take the
Pollen vs. Purity
Corn's casual attitude toward sex is great for making hybrids. Corn flowers willingly accept pollen from any maize
Don't Call Me Son
If you don't know them, it's easy to think that Les and Evan are father and son. They farm together, and nearly 30

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