John Russnogle

Beans Battle Back
The tug-of-war for acres between corn and soybeans appears to be shifting back to beans in 2008. The price premium corn
Market Mayhem for Wheat in 2008
High prices and drought two years out of the last three has Dick Wittman, Culdesac, ID, farmer and ag consultant,
The Numbers Game
Spreadsheets are a lot like a shell game. You can get whatever result you want with a little sleight of hand, or data.
Price for Net
It sounds simple. The company slogan is Lock up and Lock in. And for farmers who do business with the Mid Kansas
The beauty of a plowed field doesn't escape Norm Larson. He'd just rather limit the tillage to narrow strips, rather
Buy American
I'm in heaven here, says Adrian Fay as he drives through the flat, fertile farmland of central Illinois. It looks just
Insane Yields
When farmers tell Mike Janssen they're frustrated about bean yields, his answer makes them smile. He tells them they're
Sticker Shock
The decision to buy fertilizer has become a guessing game not unlike the traditional anguish of when to sell corn and
Close To Perfect
No matter what he tried, Grand Island, NE, farmer Ned Meier couldn't lock down equipment tight enough on his tractor's
The Mutant Of Maize
When you check corn fields this summer you may find an impostor corn leaves that only look diseased. It's called
Biofuel Backlash
Four-dollar corn works well as long as you're selling it. Others in agriculture have a problem with the sudden spike in
Stress Can Be A Real Bear
The large, female black bear ambled into the clearing and into Tami Ely's gun sights right at dusk. At that moment, in
Bracing For The Asian Invasion
Sometime, somewhere, the spores of the Asian soybean rust fungus finally will reach U.S. soils. When it does, growing
On The Right Tracks
To twist the words of Teddy Roosevelt, more and more farmers are treading lightly with big equipment. They're carrying
Will Twin Rows Rule?
Doubling rows doesn't double yields. But there's enough of a yield kick to tweak farmers interest about twin rows. The

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