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Know Before You Grow
Change growth expansion these words might either inspire you or create a knot at the pit of your stomach. According to
Best Of Both
The advantage of being handy in the shop is that if a piece of equipment doesn't quite suit your needs you can simply
To Till Or Not To Till
Listen to a conversation about tillage practices and you might think it's a discussion about religious affiliation.
Cash In On White Corn
In the classic old movie The Magnificent Seven, seven men come into town with guns blazing to protect the local
CSP Grows By Leaps And Bounds
There's been a lot of talk about the Conservation Security Program (CSP) over the last few years, but now the program
Shop Talk
As the coffeepot circulates around the table, stirring spoons clink against steaming hot mugs. Like always, talk
Growing Farmers
Willing to work hard and eager to learn, it's easy to see why Carly and Jeff Johnson of Central City, NE, are thriving
Conservation Rewards?
The long-awaited Conservation Security Program (CSP) is being launched this summer. Some say it bears little
Fuel Farming
U.S. farmers already feed the world. Now they're in an all-out race to fuel the world. The amazing number of new
Information Quest
We've all heard the saying knowledge is power. Well, for a group of Iowa growers, it's power and profit. These
Phosphate May Increase Soybean Protein
Soybean yields increase about 15% if recommended rates of phosphorus fertilizer are applied when soil test levels are
Biotech Crops Increase Worldwide
Worldwide, the number of farmers planting biotech crops grew at a double-digit pace in 2003, the seventh consecutive
First Iraq Corn Shipment Offers Promise
The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) is optimistic about future export markets following reports of a 32,000
Planter PREP
Planting hasn't been a simple task since our great grandfathers broadcast seed by hand. Yet in this day of tight
Edging Out King Corn
In Nebraska, where year-in, year-out corn is king, soybeans are rapidly gaining ground. Greg Anderson, a soybean farmer

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Accredited for 2 hours/CCA Soil & Water credits. The 2,000 member...

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