Lynn Grooms

The New Soybean Frontier
Soybeans with new defensive traits and improved nutritional traits are on the new trait horizon. How soon could they be
Fiber Farming Comes of Age
Need a nudge to try growing a new biomass crop? The Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP) may be just the incentive
Will EPA Go for E15 Blends?
Ethanol has hit a wall; the blend wall. The current 10% ethanol-gasoline blending cap threatens to restrict the
Non-Biotech Soybean Seed: Is There Enough?
Conventional soybeans used to be the norm now they're a niche. Since Roundup Ready soybeans debuted 12 years ago,
Data Discrepancy
In foliar fungicide trials, why is there sometimes a discrepancy between the soybean yields that company researchers
Corn Stover to Ethanol: No Slam Dunk
Corn cobs could potentially represent $25,000-75,000 in additional revenue for an average-size farm (at $30-60/ton),
Manganese deficiency in soybeans appears to be a growing issue in areas with high-pH soils (6.5 and up) and/or higher
Protect Vulnerable Seed
Yield potential is determined early in a plant's life, says Tim Maloney, farmer and research agronomist from

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