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Corn Herbicides for 2012 1

Valent anticipates that Fierce, a pre-emergence herbicide (pyroxasulfone and flumioxazin) for use in reduced-tillage field corn and soybeans, will receive registration for corn in time for the 2012 season. Fierce has shown residual control of weeds including glyphosate-, ALS- and triazine-resistant Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, common lambsquarters, velvetleaf, dandelion, marestail, annual nightshades, pigweed species and annual grasses, the company says.

Corn Trait Pipeline: A Field of Dreams 1

The next several decades will bring hybrids to battle more pests and diseases, optimize inputs and provide specific end-use traits.

Don’t Destroy Soil | Good Soil Structure is the Root of Productivity 1

Boosting crop yields starts at ground level – with soil structure. Soil’s composition and microorganism density help determine its productivity.

Back to Bean Basics? | Weed Resistance Prompts Some Farmers To Grow Soybeans the Way They Used To 1

John Jacobs has always used glyphosate to clean up weed problems on his farm, especially problem fields. But for the most part, he’s never really strayed from a conventional weed-control program for his soybeans. “My basic plan is to plant beans, and use Prowl and Valor in the spring,” he says. “My weed-control program is about $20/acre, but I’m not paying a tech fee.”

Where’s The Leak? | A Variety of Factors Can Drain The Yield from your Corn Field
Pay attention to the little things. The promise of outstanding yield can be enticing, but experts point to myriad
Approaching a Yield Plateau?
While the U.S. average corn yield has seen a consistent 1.87-bu./year average increase over the past 30 years, data
Stimulus Package Includes Ag Tax Changes
Tucked away in the $787 billion stimulus package are two notable changes that will impact your tax planning. The
4 Ways to Boost Corn Yield
Boosting corn yields doesn't always result from doing just one thing right. It's often a combination of many key
A Front-Row View
Don't let crop scouting slip down your priority list. Truth is, with the plethora of resources available at your
Weeding Through Weed Control
Ted Bay has had a rough couple of years battling weeds in soybeans. Delayed planting has given weeds a leg-up early on,
Welcome, Western Bean Cutworm
When western bean cutworm (WBC) moths first started showing up in Wisconsin traps in 2004, it was a novelty. The pest
Bottom Line Bound
David Padley has boosted his farm's profitability by 10%. The Lodi, WI, grower credits much of his gain lessons learned
Managing the Big P
Higher fertilizer prices, along with lower commodity prices, are pushing growers to take a more critical look at how
IP Grain Market Remains Hot
Demand for identity-preserved (IP) grains has never been higher, especially for certain food-grade crops. IP grain
Watch Those Corn Test Weights
Late planting in some areas of the country, combined with a lack of growing degree days and loss of nitrogen from

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