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Guidance System Allows Big-Time Ridge Tillage
If you gave up on ridge-till because you were tired of planting crops eight or 12 rows at a time, look again. Bill
Lost Farmland: Urban sprawl is swallowing up fertile ground
LaVon and Craig Griffieon are becoming an endangered species. They're farmers.Once part of a pristine farming area near
Ridge Drill Plants Narrow-Row Soybeans
Mark Dallmann figured he could increase soybean yields by narrowing his rows. But this dyed-in-the-wool ridge tiller
Gray Leaf Spot Is Back: No. 1 corn leaf disease had a big year in '98
Thanks to cooperative weather for disease, gray leaf spot (GLS) was back with a vengeance in many parts of the Corn
Air Cart Carries Home-Built Drill: Iowan combines several brands
Jim Colwell knew exactly what he wanted in a soybean drill. When he couldn't find one on any dealer's lot, he went home
Build Better Banker Relations
Last year was tough financially. And 1999 is shaping up to be just as tough.To help you get through the next two or
Ridge-Till Saves Soil, Money
Harold Loeffler intended to save soil when he switched from conventional tillage to ridge-till in 1983.Today, he and
Bt Works, But Yield's No.1
Not many growers who've planted Bt corn would dispute its effectiveness at controlling European corn borers.Nationally,
Scientists Doubt SDS, Roundup Ready Link
Soybean sudden death syndrome (SDS) had a good year in 1998.This more-or-less silent killer sneaks up on growers,
New Delivery Points Should Stabilize Basis
Except as a curiosity, Chicago cash prices for corn and soybeans are a thing of the past. Illinois River cash prices
Tech Fees Fund Future Research
Seed improvement research costs money, and companies that conduct research need a way to get paid for their
Yield Gains Pay For Bt Tech Fee
Low commodity prices make it more important than ever to protect corn yields, point out seed company
Liberty Link Soybeans Coming Next Year
After a bit of a false start this past spring, at least two Liberty Link soybean varieties will be available for 1999
Poast Protected Corn Ends Grass Troubles
One of the oldest herbicide-resistant technologies still may be the least-expensive solution to tough grass problems in
Growers Like Liberty Link Corn
Corn growers who've tried Liberty Link corn like what they see - in the field and the bin.Weed control with Liberty,

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