BASF has launched an educational Web site, to provide the latest information on Asian soybean rust, a potentially devastating disease.

ā€œPerhaps the most important thing growers and others in the soybean industry can do to prepare for the threat of soybean rust is to educate themselves,ā€ said Gary Fellows, technical marketing manager for soybeans at BASF. ā€œ provides the most comprehensive information available, from disease history to detection to control measures.ā€

Visitors to will find:

  • An overview of soybean rust and the threat it presents to the industry.
  • An image gallery showing disease symptoms and damage in Brazilian fields.
  • Informative articles from leading soybean publications and universities.
  • Practical tips for scouting fields and identifying soybean rust.
  • Links to key government and industry Web sites.
  • A map detailing the worldwide spread of soybean rust.