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Jun 24, 2014

Soybeans continue to support the grain market

It seems the soybean market has to deliver a spectacular performance each and every day or in general, the entire ag sector seems a bit disappointed....More
Jun 18, 2014

Soybeans could have one last rally

From a "spread" perspective, I continue to hear talk form many traders who suspect the old-crop/new-crop spread (now at it's lowest level since mid-....More
Jun 16, 2014

Why You MUST Pay Attention To Iraq

Oil prices could skyrocket to $200 per barrel....More
Jun 13, 2014

Market your old-crop corn bushels

Dumping the old-crop bushels and holding off on any new-crop sales obviously makes the most sense. It creates cash-flow, frees up available storage....More
Jun 06, 2014

Are soybean cash markets telling a different story?

Soybean bears are wondering if the cash markets might be telling a slightly different story than the balance sheet bulls are projecting. The bears....More
Jun 04, 2014

Patience at this stage of the game is "best of practice" for most US producers.

After trading to almost $5.15 per bushel (just 17 trading sessions back, on May 6th to be exact) the new-crop DEC14 contract has dropped some $0.60....More
May 28, 2014

Soybeans: It's only when the tide goes out you discover who was swimming naked

From what I am hearing most end-users are about 65-75% covered through July but have next to nothing done for August. Obviously everybody is hoping....More
May 27, 2014

Soybeans: The game has changed

The bear's continue to argue from a longer-term perspective, wanting to discount the current tight conditions in the old-crop balance sheet as....More
May 23, 2014

Argentina’s Peso In Trouble Again? Can the large Soybean surplus turn to a more concerning situation?

Argentina’s peso has remained mostly stable since the end of March, but in the past few days, the country’s central bank (BRCA) has....More
May 22, 2014

3 elements of today's soybean market whiplash

Bears continue to feel the pain and side-effects of Injuries sustained by the sudden and unexpected jerking of the markets higher. I continue to....More
May 21, 2014

Corn Bulls point to less wheat feeding! Bears are circling the wagons.

The bears are arguing this number is too high considering it hasn't been adjusted in months and therefore hasn't fairly taken into account the....More
May 09, 2014

Corn bulls demand story: Fundamentals versus logic

From my perspective it's NOT traditional fundamental market logic that is dictating corn price direction but rather the rotation of money from....More
Apr 29, 2014

How long will corn prices get a lift from slow planting?

Corn planting pace lifts prices higher, will trend continue....More
Apr 25, 2014

Persistent soybean bulls push prices higher

The soybean bulls are trying to revive the trade on rumors of yet another Argentine strike; data showing better-than-expected U.S. soymeal sales; and....More

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