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Nov 29, 2016

Four cornerstones of management

It's the time of the year to examine your farming operation. What is working What isn't working and how can the four corners of management impact the....More
Nov 22, 2016

First time goal-setting

When it comes to business goals, everyone with a stake in the farm should make goals for it....More
Nov 14, 2016

Top 3 opportunities for producers in the next 24 months

The next 24 months could have big opportunities for producers... Check out what they could be for your operation....More
Nov 08, 2016

Will farmland value fall or climb?

Farmers have to remember the value of land is not just production. It can include water, minerals or oil which impacts the value....More
Nov 07, 2016

Care for enterprise budgets

With today’s tight margins and increased volatility, a good case can be made for separate enterprise budgets....More
Oct 31, 2016

Views on marketing plans

Dr. David Kohl feels there is a need for education on marketing and risk management plans for both producers and lenders....More
Oct 24, 2016

What am I not going to learn today?

a one size fits all answer to making money, there just isn't one....More
Oct 17, 2016

Land equity shock test

As the cash flow dries up, producers look for areas on the farm to refinance....More
Oct 10, 2016

Only time will tell if farm land values will fall or continue their climb

Some whether there is a land bubble building much like the credit bubble....More
Oct 03, 2016

Who is the U.S. Banker?

The federal debt was once financed by U.S. savings bonds. Now, some countries own a portion of it....More
Sep 27, 2016

Your starting five changes for profit

Five adjustments producers are making in their operations during this slowing ag economy to stay profitable....More
Sep 26, 2016

Future stagnation of the U.S. economy?

The federal debt could hinder the growth of the U.S. economy which could cause it to become stagnant over the next 20 years....More
Sep 19, 2016

The Intangibles: Advice can't be seen but it may need to be taken by farmers

Farms may need to find counsel that will advise on what changes need to be made in order to make a profit....More
Sep 12, 2016

Burn rates can differ by farm enterprise

Lenders have to consider the burn rates when it comes to working capital....More
Sep 06, 2016

The starting five changes farmers need to make to reach a profit

Farmers need to consider five cost cutting measures in order to make a profit in these tight agriculture times....More
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