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Jun 04, 2013

Criteria for Enduring the Commodity Super Cycle and Land Value Correction

If a farm is profitable and the profits are allocated properly, all financial criteria on the farm and ranch business will improve. In recent years....More
May 28, 2013

How Long Will Federal Reserve Continue "Easy Money" Policy?

The stock market recently bounced to a record high of 15,000. Central banks around the world are opening up the floodgates of stimulus. In my road....More
May 21, 2013

Perspectives on U.S. Farm Debt

There is considerable discussion among agricultural economists and lenders concerning the status and trends of U.S. farm debt. Let’s dig deeper into....More
May 14, 2013

Shock and Stress Testing: Analysis by Lenders

One of the major financial shock tests that a lender must perform concerns concentration of credit. Regulators and oversight specialists are very....More
May 07, 2013

Financial Shock and Stress Testing

The other day a young producer was concerned because he had difficulty obtaining his operating loan for yearly operations. He stated that the lender....More
Apr 30, 2013

Farmland Values and Commodity Prices

Speaking of webcasts, a banker from Iowa asked an interesting question during a recent webcast. He wanted to know my thoughts on how much farmland....More
Apr 23, 2013

Enthusiastic About the Future of Agriculture: Top-10 List, Number 1

The final reason I am optimistic about agriculture is not one specific reason. It is a combination of reasons based upon my travels, interaction with....More
Apr 16, 2013

Green Shoots in the U.S. Economy

Despite all the bickering and inaction of our leaders in Washington, D.C., the U.S. economy is like green shoots of grass emerging from the winter....More
Apr 09, 2013

BRICS Nations Losing Economic Steam

Ouch! Corn prices dropped 70¢/bu. within a two-day period following the release of USDA’s March crop report. Welcome to the wild world of global....More
Apr 01, 2013

Enthusiastic About the Future of Agriculture: Top-10 List, Number 2

To continue my top-10 countdown, here is my number-two reason to be enthusiastic about agriculture....More
Mar 26, 2013

The Tsunami of Deferred Taxes

A tax tidal wave of epic proportions is emerging on many farms that have had an offensive game strategy in recent years, pushing taxes forward....More
Mar 19, 2013

Enthusiastic About the Future of Agriculture: Top Ten List: No. 3

In my speeches and seminars, eyebrows will raise and glances between people will occur with nodding and a look of fulfillment when I make the....More
Mar 12, 2013

Benchmarking to the Elite: Part 2

My last article focused on some of the financial characteristics of producers who attended the Executive Program for Agricultural Producers (TEPAP)....More
Mar 05, 2013

Benchmarking to the Elite: Part 1

One of the elite management learning experiences in agriculture is the Executive Program for Agricultural Producers (TEPAP) at Texas A....More
Feb 26, 2013

The Advisor Who Paid Off

The other day our veterinarian, Todd, shared a story with me about a producer who came to him with a pinkeye problem, which was not only aggravating....More
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