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Use mobile app calculators for seeding rates, input break-even costs


Extreme Beans appDo you know the optimal seeding rate for a return on your dollar, as well as break-even costs for input use? Our Extreme Beans mobile app gives you the numbers you need to know with easy-to-use calculators! Download the FREE mobile app before you hit the field this spring.

Using the calculators is easy. The seeding rate calculator lets you input your region, the cost of seed and your predicted per-bushel price to determine the optimal rate. Just a couple of easy slides and a tap, and you've got valuable numbers.

Seeding rate calculator

The input calculator lets you plug in your input costs to determine the additional bushels you need in order to pay for the inputs. Start with your average grain sale price and estimated cost for seed per acre, then add additional costs: seed treatments, fungicide, fertilizer, insecticide or other costs, to calculate the bushels your soybean crop needs to pay for those inputs.

So, download the app today from iTunes or download from GooglePlay. Not only do you get the calculators, you also get extensive research information about best practices for soybean production. The whole app is a great tool, and a valuable resource.

If you download Extreme Beans, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of the app. Was it useful? Did it help you make decisions?



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on Jun 23, 2014

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