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in Let's Get Digital Jul 17, 2015

Now is the time to be sustainable

These days, more than ever, farmers are being held accountable, and even scrutinized, for their sustainable and conservation efforts. Strip-till,....More
in Let's Get Digital Apr 27, 2015

Chipotle: A GMO fear-monger

My newsfeed on Facebook has been cluttered with stories about Chipotle going non-GMO. The fact that they're doing that is their choice. Whatever....More
in Let's Get Digital Feb 20, 2015

Going to Commodity Classic? Download the mobile app!

Are you going to Commodity Classic this year? Have you downloaded the mobile app to your phone yet? Make sure you do so you can use some of the great....More
in Let's Get Digital Nov 20, 2014

Be #thankful4ag!

This month in particular, let's all be #thankful4ag. In doing so, go to, a cool website set up by Bayer CropScience. There, you can....More
in Let's Get Digital Oct 02, 2014

Farmland movie on Hulu!

I could not be more excited to get the news that the Farmland movie is on Hulu and Hulu Plus! I saw a pre-screen of the film in February at Commodity....More
in Let's Get Digital May 20, 2014

Rootworm management mobile app

Do you have an iPad? Do you have rootworms in your field? If your answer was yes (or even just yes to an iPad), you should check out a new app from....More
in Let's Get Digital Apr 04, 2014

Use mobile app calculators for seeding rates, input break-even costs

Do you know the optimal seeding rate for a return on your dollar, as well as break-even costs for input use? Our Extreme Beans mobile app gives you....More
in Let's Get Digital Feb 25, 2014

Commodity Classic app available for 2014 show

Are you attending Commodity Classic in San Antonio this week? If so, be sure to download the new mobile app to help keep track of your schedule,....More
in Let's Get Digital Feb 05, 2014

Talk to kids about where food comes from

It's not very often a person gets the chance to grab the attention of a couple dozen 5-year-olds and captivate them talking about where food comes....More

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