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in Bottom Line Jul 25, 2014

Ideas you can use to reduce risk

As a farmer, how do you reduce risk? Ideas to accomplish that include: planting offensive and defensive hybrids and planning for multiple alternate....More
in Bottom Line Jul 18, 2014

Here’s a cash rent approach you can live with

Sam Halcomb calculates a field’s revenue-generating potential, then offers a landlord 25-33% of that for cash rent. He’s found over the years that 25....More
in Bottom Line Jun 27, 2014

Judgment, farm experience impact your bottom line

Technology is a great tool, but don’t discount your judgment. When and whether to enter a wet field, identifying broken tile, how you control spray....More
in Bottom Line Jun 13, 2014

Think differently on nitrogen four Rs

Answers are unfolding to our nitrogen nightmares, but they beg for thinking differently. Of the four Rs of nitrogen BMPs (the right Rate, Time, Place....More
in Bottom Line Jun 05, 2014

$4.58 breakeven corn price: ouch!

Newly released figures from farm-management sage Gary Schnitkey, University of Illinois, amount to a 6% increase for 2013 non-land costs above 2012....More
in Bottom Line May 29, 2014

Cover crops do not rob from corn and soybean yields

Rick Juchems, Plainfield, Iowa, is surprised that cereal-rye cover crops did not reduce his corn or soybean yields. He and 11 other Iowa farmers....More
in Bottom Line May 22, 2014

$2,000 buys this corn farmer aerial scouting technology

Crop consultant and farmer Marc Burggraff found an unmanned aerial vehicle that can fly GPS patterns with his son’s GoPro camera....More
in Bottom Line May 05, 2014

Spray Palmer amaranth before it reaches 4 inches high

Geez, the margin for error shrinks constantly, especially with weed resistance. The latest bulletin on this theme relates to Palmer amaranth’s tight....More
in Bottom Line Apr 22, 2014

Higher profits are in the soil for corn, soybean growers

You might say that soil is the original green machine. Working with the Earth’s soil microbes saves you a lot of money. At no cost, soil’s tiny,....More
in Bottom Line Apr 09, 2014

American farmers and sustainability: You don’t want to hear this

I just talked to a very sharp large progressive producer fresh off a plane from Brazil, concerned that his fellow American farmers “don’t get” food....More

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