Continuing to protect and improve natural resources is a priority for the Legans. One of those resources is wildlife.

“Phyllis and I have taken it on as a challenge to get some quail re-established here,” Mark says. “We plant a food plot on the west side of the pond. Last winter we kept a covey that resided here and when the snow got heavy, I was actually carrying pig feed out to the quail and feeding them on top of snow drifts.”

The Legans are now embarking on their own multi-generational conservation legacy. Their daughter, Beth, and husband Nick Tharp, have joined the operation. With the birth of their granddaughter, Kate, three generations of Legans now call Putnam County their home.

“As a new grandmother, I have started thinking more about the future, and how important it is to take care of things we have here on earth,” Phyllis says.  “It is important for us to leave things a little bit better for our granddaughter.”