The Fieldprint Calculatoris a free online tool for growers to voluntarily and securely analyze how their management choices impact natural resources and operational efficiency.

It walks a grower through questions about his practices and inputs. You can confidentially explore scenarios to see how they impact your sustainability. You can compare your scores to others on a national, state or county level for each resource (land, soil loss, irrigation, energy and climate impact).

This educational tool comes from Field to Market, a collaborative group facilitated by the non-profit Keystone Center. Field to Market sees the agricultural challenge assustainably feeding 9 billion people globally in 2050.

And, it’s a technologic tool tailor-made for public relations. It documents growers’ ongoing productivity and sustainability gains to consumers.

A new version of the tool was launched in January, which interfaces with NRCS tools such as RUSLE2 and includes an enterprise budget function.

More information and a free trial version of the Fieldprint Calculator are posted at