I’m looking at measures that are available and practical to get an “A” in soil conservation, so I’m using no-till on all my land and growing multiple cover crops.

I’ve also got 4½ acres planted with about 28 species of native prairie plants in two 30-foot strips and a 60-foot strip on a contour, and I plant in between, in a corn-corn-soybean rotation.

I seeded the prairie plants in late spring 2012. I’m trying to protect against these big rains, and the prairie plants are deep rooted and the strips are more absorbent and will catch anything coming down the slope. That helps control soil loss.

Hopefully, by next year the prairie plants will be competitive enough to crowd out annual weeds like mare’s tail.

They won’t fit in every situation, but turning over 10% of a field to these strips can control erosion, even in no-till, plus there’s a CRP payment of $200 per acre.