We try to get to the point where we can manage nutrients as efficiently as possible. We put together a 24-row system that feeds variable rates of P, K and micronutrients based off our soil tests.

You have to research to find the components that work best together, then find a dealer for them.

We had to bring three different companies together to get the equipment we wanted. We used a Stinger toolbar from Misenhelder Welding, and we used one tripper row of units for the strip-till component of the bar.

We used a Salford three-hopper aircart, and controlled delivery with Ag Leader Integra monitors with scales on each hopper to further verify our applications. You also need to have access to at least a three-hopper tender truck to keep operating efficiently.

It’s been fairly pricey, but I think it will pay for itself pretty quickly. It gives us more precision with the fertilizer and lets us run faster than the 24-unit we had.