The Crop Progress report released on Monday by the USDA showed the corn crop falling behind average development in the dent stage. Corn condition improved slightly over last week. The soybean crop is nearly done setting pods, but overall condition dropped slightly in the last seven days.


The corn crop is still a little ahead of the development curve at dough stage, with 83% of the overall crop at dough, compared to a 78% five-year average. Corn reaching dent stage has fallen behind average. Thirty-five percent of the overall corn crop has dented, 8 points behind average. Only 2% of the corn in North Dakota has reached dent stage, and a few states are still between 10 and 20%, including: Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Crop condition for corn went up by 1 point in the good category, bringing the overall crop to 73% good/excellent condition. Last year at this time, 59% of the corn crop was in good/excellent condition. Just 7% of the overall crop is in very poor/poor condition as of Monday. There is no corn in very poor condition in Missouri or Tennessee. The best corn is in Missouri, where 83% of the crop is in good/excellent condition, followed closely by Illinois at 82% good/excellent. Kentucky has the most corn in very poor/poor condition at 18%.

corn condition, usda crop report, august 25