Survey of seedling diseases of corn and soybean

This is a reminder that I am againlooking for soybean fields with seedling disease issues for a North Central Region research project on soybean seedling disease that is being funded by USDA-NIFA and the United Soybean Board. In collaboration with other researches in the North Central region, the Robertson and Munkvold labs are identifying the major species causing seedling disease on soybean in the region, what environmental factors favor infection by each species and subsequent disease development and assessing the sensitivity of each species to seed treatment fungicides. In our soybean seed treatment studies, which are being funded by the Iowa Soybean Association, we are also collecting seedling pathogens that will be identified and screened for fungicide sensitivity.

In addition to diseased soybean seedlings, we are also interested in collecting samples from cornfields with damping off for similar studies.

If you know of a field with seedling disease issues, please contact me at 515-294-6708 or so we can coordinate sampling the field.


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