At this point, 40% of the overall corn crop has reached maturity and nearly half of the soybean leaves have dropped. Condition ratings increased by 2 points overall in the good/excellent ranking, and soybean condition stayed the same as last week in the good/excellent ranks.

Ninety-one percent of the overall corn crop has dented, just 2 points behind the five-year average. Corn maturity jumped 18 points in the last week, hitting 40% overall matured. States with less than 40% of the corn mature include: Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin. Minnesota has the least amount of corn at maturity, with only 17% of its corn crop at that level, well behind the 45% five-year average.


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Little corn harvest progress was made in the last week, reaching only 7% overall harvested, 9 points behind the five-year average. Two states still have yet to harvest any corn: Minnesota and Wisconsin. North Carolina is nearly three-quarters done with its corn harvest at 74% complete.

Corn condition ratings increased in the good/excellent category in the last week, reaching 55% good/excellent. Last week it was 53%. The overall corn crop has 16% of the crop in very poor/poor condition. The Kentucky corn crop is still in the best overall condition at 91% good excellent. Nearly one-third of the Kansas corn crop is in very poor/poor condition at 29%.

corn condition, Sept. 23, 2013