Nearly half of the leaves have dropped on the overall soybean crop at 47%. This is 9 points behind the five-year average, but 21 points ahead of last week’s rate. A handful of states have fewer that 30% of the soybean leaves dropping, including: Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin. The soybeans in North Dakota have dropped the most leaves at 82%, 8 points ahead of the five-year average.

Soybean harvest has started in many states, and is 3% complete at this time, 6 points behind the 9% five-year average. Last year at this time, 21% of the soybean crop had been harvested. States that have yet to harvest any beans include: Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

Soybean condition stayed the same as last week in the good/excellent rating at 50%. The best beans are in Kentucky at 85% good/excellent. The overall soybean crop has 17% of the beans in very poor/poor condition. The soybeans in Missouri are in the worst shape with one-third of the crop in very poor/poor condition. 

soybean condition, Sept. 23, 2013


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