Iroquois County, IL

Our last rain was July 1.  With the corn using a lot of water as it approaches and enters pollination, cornfields have been rolling their leaves to conserve moisture during the heat of the day.  The next seven days are forecast to have higher temperatures and to remain dry. The majority of the corn in this area will be pollinating during this time.  

Area cornfields range from the V10 growth stage up to the R1 growth stage.  We have not begun any fungicide applications at this point as we wait for our corn to reach R1.  I have also not seen any fungicide applications being made on neighboring fields that are at R1.  

Herbicide applications in soybean fields are about wrapped up.  These applications are being made while trying to avoid spraying heat stressed weeds.  Area soybean fields range from the V5 growth stage up to the R3 or beginning pod growth stage.  Crop growth still remains equal to or behind the pace set in 2009 for both corn and soybean for our local area.  

The local closing bids for July 14 were $7.21 for nearby corn, $6.48 for new-crop corn, $13.92 for nearby soybeans and $13.51 for new-crop soybeans.