Heat and humidity set in with heat index of 110° F last weekend. The corn started to tassel Sunday and looks good with no problems at this time. I think our area would rate a little better than the state report indicated earlier in the week. We did catch ½-1 in. of rain early Wednesday morning and that has made the heat during tassel a little easier on the corn. 

Beans are knee high and look great also. A few fields are still being sprayed for weed control, but no other work being done. Fifty miles west of us irrigation season is in full swing and we have heard no concerns.

Wheat harvest is over in the area and yields reported have been poor.  Producers have been seeding a forage crop in the wheat stubble in hopes of adding additional income to those acres this fall.

Current local new-crop corn is $6.34 and soybeans are $13.06.