Spotty rains have left some areas with a ½ in. of rain or less the last few days. Early in the week we struggled to reach mid-60s temps and now are normal temperatures of mid-80s have returned.

Most all corn has reached the nitrogen and seems to be doing well. Most post weed control in corn is complete and weed pressure was minimal and control was successful. A few acres have been sidedressed with nitrogen to improve efficiency and yields.

Beans continue to look good – best start in last few years. That said, our ground always reminds me soybeans are made the last 60 days. Weed control will start soon as some pressure is showing.

I will be burying moisture blocks an hanging the Atmometer this week, in our only irrigated 1/4 to help manage water needs and conservation.

End-of-week local corn is at $5.96; soybeans are $12.47.