It was a busy week in this area. Farmers were in the field this week doing a variety of activities: planting corn and soybean, replanting corn and soybean, spraying herbicides, rotary hoeing corn and sidedressing nitrogen in cornfields.

Corn growth in the area ranges from emergence up to the V7 growth stage. Most fields in the area range from V3 to V7. At V6, the growing point moves above ground and the stalk is beginning a period of increased elongation. Corn was taking only four days to emerge with all the heat. The corn crop in this area is at a similar stage of development as it was at this date in 2009.

Soybean growth ranges from emergence up to the V3 growth stage. Nitrogen fixation is beginning at V2. Soybean fields planted over the last week were taking three days to emerge. Most fields in the area are at V2 or lower. There are still some fields that remain not planted at this point.

We had light showers on June 4 and 5, but only 0.1 in. of rain to slow down fieldwork. All fieldwork was brought to a halt on June 9 when we received a range of 0.7-1.25 in. of rain with more rainfall expected today.

The local closing bids for June 9 were $7.84 for nearby corn, $6.81 for new-crop corn, $13.98 for nearby soybeans and $13.54 for new-crop soybeans.