Hot, windy and dry was the norm in southeast Nebraska last week. Early planted corn stands are uneven in growth stages and in stand. Many farmers complain of their stand as they have started to apply weed control. Most corn is just now finding the nitrogen and looks healthy, just uneven.

Beans look good across the area. They have emerged well and have had ideal conditions to start.  A few acres were delayed in planting and finished over the last week. With the dry conditions a nice rain would be helpful for those acres.

Pre-plant weed control has worked well in both crops around the area and will allow us to delay post-application to growth stages.  We started the year without a full profile of soil moisture, and with few irrigated acres in the area, timely rains are needed through the growing season.

Local highs this week for new-crop corn were $6.48. Soybeans were $12.98.