Iroquois County, IL

Rain brought harvest to a stop on Wednesday, Oct. 19.  We received 0.4-0.9 in. of rain on our farms.  Other farms nearby received 1 in. or more.  

Ninety-five percent or more of the soybeans in the local area have been harvested.  In our local area 60% or more of the corn has been harvested.  As you expand the size of the local area, the percent harvested increases.

The local closing bids for Oct. 20 were $6.45 for nearby corn (5¢ below CBOT), $5.59 for fall 2012 corn, $12.03 for nearby soybeans and $11.72 for fall 2012 soybeans.

Yesterday evening we harvested all our tomatoes in the garden before the temperatures dropped below freezing this morning.