Iroquois County, IL

On July 24, we received 0.4-0.85 in. of rain – our first rain since July 1. That left our farms with a range of 1-1.4 in. of rain for the month of July compared to our historical average of 4.22 in. Although, it is raining as I write this report.

The range in corn development is from the VT growth stage to R3, or milk stage. Our corn planted on June 3 just began to pollinate. That field has been rolling leaves for close to three weeks.

Fungicide applications continued in cornfields over the past week. We have sprayed slightly over 40% of our corn acres. The heat and dry weather in July has caused severe damage to yield potential in areas of our fields that were not able to develop deeper root systems.

Soybean development in the area ranges from R2 up to R4.

The local closing bids for July 28 were $7.08 for nearby corn, $6.63 for new-crop corn, $13.68 for nearby soybeans and $13.37 for new-crop soybeans.