Rains in the area have been spotty at best. Temps have been the 90-100° F range, and after two weeks gave way to a high of 87° yesterday. The forecast back up today and for the upcoming week.

We have 300 acres south of us that has not had moisture since July 5.  That corn pollinated ok but I know a lot of corn in the area didn't and people are looking at 40% yield losses as a result. Corn is in the R3 milk stage and is starting to show some heat stress. At this time I would say 100% of my corn acres are still good to excellent, but will change dramatically over the next week without moisture. I have applied 1½ in. to our irrigated acres over the last week.

Beans are at R3 beginning pod. I see no signs of soybean aphids, but see the heat stress late in the day. We are beginning the critical time for adequate moisture and need some cooler evenings to help them out.

We have a small grasshopper problem on field borders as they have moved in from the dry grass. Most producers are just monitoring conditions or irrigating at this time.

We delivered our combine to our local JD dealership to go through the service program on Tuesday. Can't believe harvest could be in less than eight weeks. 

Thursday new-crop local closing bids were $6.31 for corn and $12.84 for soybeans.