The corn and soybean crops continue to progress just ahead of average, with corn starting to hit dough stage and soybeans starting to set pods. Crop conditions are holding fairly steady, dropping just a point or two in the last week.

More than three-quarters of the corn crop has silks, 3 points ahead of the 75% five-year average. Corn has hit dough stage in many of the major corn producing states. Seventeen percent of the overall corn crop has hit dough stage, 1 point ahead of average. States not seeing corn in dough stage yet include: Colorado, Michigan, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

Corn condition dropped just one point in the past week to an overall 75% good/excellent. Eighty percent of the corn in Michigan and Pennsylvania is in good/excellent condition. And 82% of the corn in Illinois, along with 84% of the corn in Missouri, is good/excellent. Corn in the toughest shape is in North Carolina, where 14% of the crop is in very poor/poor condition.

corn condition, usda, july 28