We're following the progress of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour with Pioneer agronomists Darren Goebel and Jeff Mueller. Check back each morning for a recap of the previous day's happenings, and for links to audio and photos from the agronomists.


Aug. 22 Recap


DuPont Pioneer Agronomy Report - Scott Nelson

Eastern Route - Day 3

Starts in Bloomington, Ill., and ends in Iowa City, Iowa

Reporting from Central Iowa

  • Corn in the area is at 10-50% milkline. Soybeans are at the R5-R6 growth stage, depending on planting date and variety. Recent rains and lower temperatures are adding some test weight to corn and yield potential to soybeans.
  • Yield Estimates: 75-175 bu./acre for corn, the most variable I've seen in my lifetime. Soybeans will likely yield 30-50 bu./acre.
  • Ear size is very variable. Growers should watch their concave settings so smaller ears aren't lost when harvesting.
  • Some reports of corn being rejected due to aflatoxin levels.


DuPont Pioneer Agronomy Report - Nick Hanson

Western Route - Day 3

Starts in Nebraska City, Neb., and ends in Spencer, Iowa

Reporting from O'Brien County in northwest Iowa

  • Overall, cornfields scouted today look fairly good compared to other fields in the area. There have been record levels of spider mites in corn and a fair amount of corn aphids this year.
  • Most scouted cornfields are 3/4 to 1/2 milkline stage. Fields are progressing rapidly to black layer due to the weather.
  • Some cornfields already have firing in the lower stalks so growers should monitor fields for stalk lodging and harvest early if needed.
  • Overall soybeans look good, fields planted early are starting to turn and mature.


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