Just over one-quarter of the overall soybean crop is dropping leaves. At 26%, it is 9 points behind the five-year average. Only two states have less than 10% of its soybeans dropping leaves, including Iowa (7%) and North Carolina (6%). The soybeans in North Dakota are actually ahead of schedule by 15 points, with 59% of the soybeans dropping leaves at this time, compared to a 44% five-year average.

Soybean condition dropped 2 points in the good/excellent rating to 50% good/excellent this week. The overall crop is now at 18% very poor/poor. Kentucky still has the best beans of all the major soybean-producing states at 85% good/excellent. Missouri has the poorest soybeans with 31% of its soybean crop in very poor/poor condition.

Soybean condition ratings, September 16, 2013


















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