If the weight of low prices, a depressed international economy and a frigid winter have you down, there's hope.

In an effort to provide an initial place to turn for help, the National Farm Medicine Center (NFMC) has compiled a list of known farm crisis hotline resources in the Upper Midwestern and Plains states. Those resources can be found on NFMC's Internet Web site (www.marsh med.org/nfmc).

"We wanted to place current crisis hotline information in the hands of farmers in hopes they'll contact counselors," says Paul Gunderson, director, Marshfield, WI.

"In many cases, the person answering a crisis hotline phone will be a peer - someone who understands farming and can be an effective source of referrals.

"It's our goal to have people talk to someone, and calling a hotline number may be a good starting point," Gunderson explains.

Here are numbers to call for help:

State--Hotline Name--Hotline Telephone

IL--Farm Resource Center--800-851-4719 IA--Iowa Concern Hotline--800-447-1985 MN--MN Farm Advocate Program--(in-state) 800-967-2474 ----(out-of-state) 651-296-1484 NE--NE Farm Hotline--(in-state) 800-464-0258 ND--Mental Health Association--800-472-2911 SD--Farm Crisis Program--800-691-4336 WI--Wisconsin Farm Center--800-942-2474 --WI Department of Agriculture, --Trade and Consumer Protection