We have not had much success with combinations of glyphosate and 2,4-DB, although high rates of 2,4-DB can help control certain weeds. Gramoxone usually works well only when combined with both 2,4-D ester and metribuzin, especially when weeds have much size. Valor and Authority do not have enough foliar activity to help control emerged weeds, although they do cause contact herbicide symptomology on weed leaves. Aim and Cadet also do not have enough activity on most weeds typically found in burndown situations, with the possible exception of small lambsquarters. Metribuzin does help control emerged weeds, although this is expressed best in mixtures with Ignite or Gramoxone.

The cost of several of these options can be about twice the cost of a typical glyphosate/2,4-D mixture. This is not really the situation to balk at spending a few extra dollars. Failing to effectively control weeds at the time of no-till soybean planting creates problems for the rest of the growing season.