Entomologists say it’s hard to predict insect challenges before a new season. But certain pests are perennial problems that require proactive tactics to limit their impact on yield.

Two new tools for farmers in 2014 will help manage the productivity threats from corn rootworms and from soybean aphids, beetles and stink bugs.

New trait for corn rootworm

Corn growers will test new options for corn rootworm control this summer as Syngenta conducts a limited commercial launch of its new Agrisure Duracade trait stacks. “The Agrisure Duracade trait expresses a unique, new protein, (eCry3.1Ab), and a new mode of action for control of corn rootworm,” says Jill Wheeler, Syngenta product lead, commercial traits.

One of the most damaging of corn pests, corn rootworm can cost U.S. corn growers more than $1 billion per year. What’s more, in recent years, corn rootworm has shown the ability to develop resistance to some of the most commonly used proteins in corn rootworm control stacks.

 As it progressed toward registration, regulatory agencies required proof that the Agrisure Duracade trait offered a new mode of action. “In trials conducted by USDA, the Agrisure Duracade trait reduced adult corn rootworm beetle emergence by 99.79%, the highest level the department had ever seen in such tests,” says Tom Kelley, Syngenta agronomy service representative.

Agrisure Duracade will be available stacked with Agrisure RW (mCry3Aa), and only offered as a 5% integrated, single-bag refuge product via the Agrisure Duracade 5122 E-Z Refuge and Agrisure Duracade 5222 E-Z Refuge trait stacks.

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