As herbicide resistance grows, so does the need for multiple modes of action. Several companies are offering corn herbicides for 2011 that offer multiple modes of action to help control a multitude of weeds showing up in your fields. From broadleaf to grass control, here are some products that will give you the upper hand in combating those pesky, resistant weeds this year.



Verdict, powered by Kixor herbicide technology, from BASF, is a corn pre-emerge herbicide that can also be used in soybeans. Verdict offers broadleaf control in corn using multiple modes of action to manage resistance to glyphosate, ALS inhibitors and triazines. Along with a low-use rate, Verdict is a pre-emergence burndown and offers residual control of 46 weeds in corn, soybean and grain sorghum. For more information, go to


DuPont Crop Protection

The availability of DuPont’s Prequel has been expanded. A premix corn herbicide containing rimsulfuron and isoxaflutole, Prequel’s two modes of action offer improved control of glyphsate- or ALS-tolerant/resistant weeds. The dry formulation controls broadleaves and grasses. For more information, go to

DuPont is expecting registration of Realm Q in 2011. The new corn herbicide is designed to be used early postemerge, targeting broadleaf weeds including waterhemp, velvetleaf and common ragweed. A dry product, Realm Q also has built-in safener technology.



Authority XL is available from FMC, offering broad-spectrum control in spring and winter annuals. Spring application will control broadleaf weeds including marestail, waterhemp, morningglory, lambsquarters, pigweed, kochia and sunflower, along with suppression of many annual grasses.

Other Authority XL features include reduction in selection pressure for glyphosate- and ALS-tolerant weed biotypes, and control of small- and large-seeded broadleaf weeds. It can be applied with other crop chemicals and liquid fertilizers. Additional weed spectrum and burndown control when weeds have emerged is offered when added with glyphosate and Rage D-Tech or 2,4-D LVE. For more information, go to



Monsanto has included TripleFlex to its list of available herbicides for 2011, offering control of a broad spectrum of grasses and small- and large-seeded broadleaf weeds in corn. TripleFlex offers three modes of action for control of ALS-, glyphosate- and triazine-resistant weeds, and can be used as a preplant, pre-emerge or early postemerge (up to 11-in. corn) herbicide.

TripleFlex is an acetochlor premix formulation that can be applied pre- and postemerge for Roundup Ready corn, providing multiple modes of action for weed management. For more information, go to



Callisto Xtra from Syngenta is a premix combination of mesotrione and atrazine, offering two modes of action to combat glyphosate-tolerant or  resistant broadleaf weeds including lambsquarters, waterhemp, pigweed and ragweed. A postemergence herbicide, Callisto Xtra provides long-lasting residual control of broadleaves and can be tankmixed with glyphosate herbicides in glyphosate-tolerant corn. For more information, go to



Valent U.S.A. Corp. is anticipating EPA registration of Fierce herbicide in 2011. Fierce is a flumioxazin plus pyroxasulfone premix for use in no-till and reduced-tillage corn, and for fall burndown. The new herbicide, which can also be used in soybeans, will provide residual control of glyphosate-, ALS- and triazine-resistant Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, lambsquarters and more, as well as most annual grasses. For more information, go to