In the midst of introducing the Red Power Tour to its dealers, Case IH gave the media a hands-on preview of new equipment headed to dealerships this fall and into 2014. Farmers can get their first glimpse of this lineup at next week’s Farm Progress Show near Decatur, Ill.

The product intro in Denver was kicked off by Jim Walker, VP, Case IH NAFTA, who highlighted the tremendous growth in marketshare gains by red equipment since 2006 (global sales increased from $1 to $4 billion). In the NAFTA region, planters have increased marketshare by 9.8%, combines 6.1%, sprayers 5.8%, 4WD tractors 5.6%, 100-139hp tractors 4.8% and 140+ hp tractors up 3%.


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Among the reasons for success he cited was the company’s farmer-driven product design and service improvements; its emphasis on ‘efficient power’ using less fuel; a commitment to agronomic design that helps farmers achieve greater economic use of their land; value-added knowledgeable field people; an improved dealer organization and a broader/deeper product lineup.

Walker also talked about the challenges of farm equipment manufacturers trying to keep up with huge demand brought on by record farm profits in recent years, and is actually welcoming a slow down in demand to bring more stability to manufacturing in this era of just-in-time production.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we saw in Denver.