The new Early Riser 5 series planters offer improved seed handling capabilities while delivering more uptime, reliability and agronomic benefit.For example, the all-new AccuStat advanced seed sensing system allows farmers to monitor and map detailed seed spacing information live on the AFS Pro 700 display. This high-performance seed sensor provides greater accuracy while allowing continuous monitoring and immediate adjustments to maintain seed placement consistency on a per row basis.

With the unique Advanced Seed Meter, singulation adjustment system, you can make individual row adjustments to optimize spacing without making planter wide changes in speed, vacuum or pressure, or down-pressure that might slow down your productivity in terms of acres covered per hour.

Redesigned bulk fill delivery enhancements for models 1245, 1255 and 1265 make filling easier and allow producers to make fewer stops. The bulk fill system can deliver challenging seed sizes, such as sunflowers and sweet corn, adding productivity for customers who might have purchased on-row hoppers for these crops. Filling bulk fill tanks to capacity is easily accomplished without pushing seed, which means less fatigue, quicker filling and more productivity. 

And these planters continue to feature the legendary Early Riser row unit that has 12 unique features that all contribute to earlier, more uniform emergence.

Also, take a few minutes to view the product gallery compiled by our sister publication, Farm Industry News.


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