The new model 4940 self-propelled sprayer, available now, replaces the 4930 and comes with more integrated technologies like Direct Injection Ready, which gives operators the ability to maintain a clear solution tank, making it easier to change between crops. It features a 1,200-gal. tank with 120-ft booms in 11 independent sections that can be turned on and off manually or automatically with Swath Control Pro. Boom widths vary from 90 to 120 ft. and are equipped with GreenStar 3 2630 display. It has a 50-in. crop clearance.

The 4940 is powered by a 340-hp 9.9L interim tier 4 PowerTech Plus turbocharged engine that can make dry applications up to 25 mph (20 mph for liquid), with a transport speed of up to 35 mph.