The StorMax system from OPI-integris offers several products for monitoring stored grain. The system starts with temperature-monitoring cables installed in bins. Insector Pest Detection System can also be installed and connected to the temperature cables. The Insector system provides real-time monitoring of insect activity, with each insect tracked by species, time and temperature.

A handheld monitoring system can be paired with the temperature cables for fast and easy data collection for a year’s worth of readings. The display on the handheld unit will show four sets of readings at a time or graphic formats.

Data from StorMax can be uploaded from the handheld unit to your PC using the handheld unit. All data on the handheld unit can be stored, displayed and emailed from your PC. Multiple bins can be connected so only one handheld unit is needed.

OPIGIMA/C software reads StorMax devises and continually monitors temperature cables, Insectors and other field devices from the PC. Data is stored and alarms sound when conditions exceed pre-set limits. Software to automate control of aeration, heaters and ventilation fans is also available from OPI.

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December 2010