The Turbo-Max is available from Great Plains Manufacturing in several models from 12 to 30 ft. The 2400TM and 3000TM are available now, and the 1200TM, 1500TM and 1800TM will be available in fall 2012.

The Turbo-Max has 7½-in. blade spacing and an adjustable gang angle from 0° to 6°. The gang angle is hydraulically adjustable on the go. Turbo coulters allow the blade flute to cut through residue vertically, improving cutting, penetration and decreased hair-pinning.

Also standard are walking tandems that allow all four transport wheels constant and even road contact. Hydraulic weight transfer transfers the weight from the center section to the wing sections providing even, constant down pressure the full width of the machine.

Optional equipment for the Turbo-Max includes weights for better penetration in hard ground. The weights are center-section mounted. Also an option is the rolling harrow and reel to loosen, level and break up clods. For more information go to