Orthman Manufacturing offers the 1tRIPr preplant tillage tool, combining strip-till soil management, nutrient placement and seedbed preparation in a single field pass.

Used as a stand-alone machine or with the Orthman Combo Caddy or planter-attachment package, the 1tRIPr can be used in wheat stubble, cover crops and corn stalks while providing a clean, level seedbed. The tool is available in 4-16-row configurations using rigid, folding or stacking toolbars. An optional trip-tail automatic reset row unit is available.

Also available from Orthman are the Stalk Puller 5000 and 6000, high-speed, low-horsepower fall or spring residue-management tools. Large V-disks operate on the crop to pinch and pull out root balls to provide a residue-free seedbed.

Operated at 10 mph, the Stalk Puller is available in a wide range of sizes and toolbar models. Additional attachments include rolling choppers, rolling baskets and gauge wheels.

For more information, call 308.324.4654 or go tohttp://orthmanag.com.

Other residue-management products are available from a variety of companies including Yetter, Phoenix, Dawn Equipment, Sunco and more.