“Tire pressure is the easiest way to improve fuel efficiency and it’s the most often ignored,” says Turner.

To help you determine the correct inflation pressure, use manufacturers’ load-inflation tables.

According to Turner and research from AgTech, correctly inflated radial tires perform better and last longer than bias ply tires. However, radials do require more careful ballast and inflation pressure management than bias tires.

AgTech tests suggest that shallower lug angles show slightly better performance in good traction conditions and steeper lug angles show slightly better performance in poor traction conditions.

Tests also suggest that taller lugs perform slightly better in poor traction conditions and slightly worse in good traction conditions.

“To get optimum performance, run tires at the correct recommended inflation pressure for the weight they carry,” says Turner. “As low as possible always gives the best traction performance and the recommended pressure for a given weight as low as they can be.”