Agco recently launched a number of new farm implements, from high-horsepower tractors to a new planter to new sprayer models. 

High-Clearance Sprayers

The RoGator RG900, RG1100 and RG1300 offer Tier 4 interim-compliant 8.4L diesel engines. All machine service points are accessible at ground level. A new, longitudinal A suspension creates sharper turns and the front axle has been repositioned to improve weight distribution. Modifications to the boom plumbing and air aspirators provide faster on and off times. The fuel-tank capacity has increased to 150 gal.

Cab noise levels are quieter, and boom and sprayer switches are conveniently located on the arm rest. The RoGator Management Center includes a larger display screen and reporting on engine, transmission and fuel performance. RMC also is capable of controlling track adjustments automatically or manually. For more information go to