Before Operation

  • If you have not already done so, back up any data from the previous season on the memory cards, thumb drives, monitors, etc. After the previous harvest data is backed up delete the files from the memory devices. It is good practice to keep several back up copies of the raw data in different locations in case it is lost, stolen, damaged or modified.
  • Check your memory card, thumb drive, etc., to be sure they work properly.
  • Contact your local dealer or manufacturer to make sure that you have the recent software and firmware upgrades for your yield monitoring and mapping system. You can obtain information about these upgrades through your manufacturer's website or by contacting technical support.
  • Check all cables, connections and sensors for wear or damage from rodents.
  • For elevator-mounted moisture sensor units make sure the grain is cleaned out and the manual clean-out motor works and all doors are shut.
  • Inspect the flow sensor. Look for wear on the grain elevator and missing or worn paddles. Check to make sure that the spacing between the paddles and the top of the elevator meets the manufacturer's requirements.
  • Look for wear on the flow sensor's impact or deflector plates and replace if plates appear worn.
  • If you purchase a new or used combine with an existing yield monitor installed double check to make sure it is installed properly.
  • Avoid running electrical wires next to the GPS antenna, which may cause interference with the receiver signal. Running wires perpendicular to each other decreases the chance for electrical noise that may occur from other electronics.