Existing standards for estimating denitrification rates are being revamped for Adapt-N recommendations.  Spring soil nitrate samples collected by Adapt-N users suggest higher-than-expected losses in non-coarse soils. Traditional estimates for denitrification rates were based on several multi-year studies, none of which involved such an extremely wet year as 2013.

Coarse soils with their low denitrification rates lose N mostly through leaching, and recommendations for them were unaffected by the new information.

"We concluded that such losses were underestimated for medium- and fine-textured soils in cases of persistent wetness, as was experienced in several parts of the Adapt-N user area," reported the Adapt-N team. "In extreme wet years, the lack of oxygen is persistent and can temporarily deplete all nitrate in the soil."

(See http://bit.ly/15bb2Fy for details on Adapt-N.)


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